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The Candy Advent Calendar You Need To Get in 2021

Advent calendars are a magical Christmas tradition. Picture this: it’s a beautiful Sunday evening, one where you and your loved ones are exchanging stories by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Suddenly, the kids, young and older, pour into the room and interrupt your conversation, asking to be allowed a treat. So you smile, and turn to Squish’s Christmas advent calendar, which is filled with sweet shareable gummies for all!

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Halloween Marshmallow Slime

What happens when science meets Halloween? HALLOWEEN MARSHMALLOW SLIME! If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids for Halloween, look no further. This homemade slime is perfect for loads of sensory play. And with just three ingredients, it’s also very easy to put together.

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Back to School Survival Kit: Gummy Edition

If going back to school is truly the time of year students dread and parents secretly love, we’re about to make it a whole lot sweeter for all parties involved! You’ve already seen the practical back-to-school items list typically provided by schools or teachers. Be prepared to add to that list and to your favourite rituals with our special gummy survival kit, featuring family-favourite candies.

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4 Mocktail Recipes For Candy Lovers

Not only are these mocktails delicious and refreshing, but they also feature gummies from our Mocktail Collection. That’s right! Between our tropical and fruity flavours to more zesty ones, it’s time to kick back, relax and sip on endless ice-cold pitchers of these sweet mixed drinks.

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