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Gummy Love for Frontline Workers

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There are amazing people out there working the front lines so the rest of us can stay safe at home. If you’re looking for a way to say thanks, consider this kit of 20 small bags of premium gummies. Made with real fruit juice for 100% deliciousness.

What’s inside

Blizzard Brains (120 g)
Sour Rainbow Bears (120 g)
Avocado dreaming (120g)
Mini Rainbow Bears (140 g)
Rainbow Bears (120 g)
So proud of you (120g)
Mango Maracuja (130 g)
Unicorn Love (120 g)
Sorbet Swirl (120 g)
Vegan Elephants (120 g)
Vegan Sour Peach Hearts (120 g)
Fried Eggs (120 g)
Strawberry Rhubarb (120 g)
Fruit Punch SB (130g)
Vegan Red Roses (120 g)
Wet & Wild Watermelon (120 g)
Cotton Candy Belts (100 g)
Brain Freeze (120 g)
Strawberry Apple Belts (100 g)
Frogs (100 g)